Hope Swann (coffeebased) wrote,
Hope Swann

So this week was a bit eventful!

June 25 -> Had to bring mum to the hospital to get her pulmonary and cardiac clearance for June 26. Waited ages to see three doctors, so lots of sitting in hospital corridors.

June 26 -> Mum's colonoscopy and endoscopy, meaning that I basically had to stay in a hospital waiting room for ages and get some reading done. Got most of her results from the procedure, and they aren't half as bad as the doctor had thought they would be so, over-all, a positive experience. Also, wow, doctors and nurses are getting hotter or I am just at that age when medical professionals are in the same generation as myself. Soon, I shall be an old biddy saying, "Oh my, the doctors get younger every year *wheezy cackle*".

June 27 -> Taftstuck meet up, also known as, the longest time I have ever spent at a McDonald's, enough to merit the disdain of TWO shifts of McD employees. I stayed there for nine hours, just letting the tide of loving HSPH members wash over me. We had around thirty people in total, I think, coming out in shifts. This paragraph does nothing for the meet up, which was amazing and warmed the cockles of my bloodpusher and aerating sac. (I was way too happy about this event as I really don't see much people nowadays, and it was delightful to get to converse and touch people, oh lord)

June 28 -> Got my foot stuck in the gate of Unit B and bent it pretty much in half. Managed to not break it, through sheer hardiness, but it hurt enough that I literally sobcreyed all the way to the second floor, and over the phone to poor, unsuspecting friends before 8 in the bloody morning.

Mum had to come back from work to bring me to the hospital, and then we promptly got a flat tire, and just as promptly, discovered that our spare's integrity was compromised. Ugh, horrible. Left mum in the gas station to wait for repair of tires, while I hailed a cab (which I will do next time and not tell anyone of injury until I am repaired, unless I am bleeding) and went to the ER.

Got a tetanus shot because the gate had scraped as much skin off my heel without actually making me bleed, and then an x-ray which confirmed what I already knew: I shall never be fully free of sprains. This one is a pretty interesting sprain though, as it spans my toes to my ankle, so all the meat in between probably has a lovely tenderised quality to it. I felt like an idiot, because hello, avoidable accident. What fuckery am I achieving with this level of carelessness.

Bunch of other things happening under the more obvious events, but I am half-convinced that the changes occurring are for the better, and I have hardened my heart to those involved. I have never cared for them in the least, and it is always wonderful to get confirmation of a gut feeling. People are so fickle and weak, after all.

Finished reading Scatter, Adapt and Remember, by Annalee Newitz (started out feeling a bit choppy, but got increasingly amazing as the book progressed); Shadow and Bone and Siege and Storm of the Grisha Trilogy by Leigh Bardugo, and the three short stories connected to it: The Witch of Duva, The Tailor, and The Too-Clever Fox (interesting premise, but apparently a lot of cultural appropriation that was initially unapparent to me as someone ignorant of Russian culture and language, occasionally snappy dialogue, almost-diaphanous plot, but wow the short stories really sock you in the face, would recommend despite imperfections as it is an enjoyable series); and finally have sat down and finished Rocannon's World by Ursula K. Le Guin (had to start from the beginning this morning because I'd felt I hadn't been able to properly pay attention to it, and wow, reading the whole thing from start to finish blew my mind as UKLG is unable to write safe and non-painful novels, also world-building, universe-building, have I mentioned the omnipresent pain?).

Yeah, hospitals = great places to get reading done!

So, books to read within the next two weeks include the remainder from last Monday's list: Blood of Elves and Breakfast at Tiffany's, as well as:

1) Lit Riffs by Matthew Miele
2) Oryx and Crake by Margaret Atwood
3) The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms by N. K. Jemisin


Gaku regurgitated her food for two consecutive mornings (Tuesday and Wednesday), so I called the vet and she had me put the dog on a sugar water diet on Wednesday, and then lugaw on Thursday. She went back on solid food yesterday and seems to be all better. :3c Boo is a bit annoyed because I haven't properly played with her since Wednesday since things happened on Thursday evening, and then my foot thing on Friday and today. Thankfully, the cleaning lady's been in yesterday and today, so the dogs have the run of the yard even though I can't play with them yet.


Thesis work was barely accomplished this week due to the goings-on, but I fully intend to makeup for it.

EDIT: LAST EPISODE OF CHIHAYAFURU 2 and I have it and I don't know if I can watch it right now because augh

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