Hope Swann (coffeebased) wrote,
Hope Swann

a song of love is a song of woe

So, it's August 27 and I haven't finished a new book. I'm about a little over a third into The Wild Life of Our Bodies, and I really haven't started Adulting. I'm a few chapters into Love Minus Eighty too.

It's been a week since I've finished The Way of Kings and I may have underestimated the book hangover I'm having. I keep entering bookstores to see if they're selling a hard copy of it so that I can hold it and kiss it a bit and tuck it under my pillow. Alas, the closest I have come is Volume One only as apparently they don't sell the whole book in one volume here; you need to buy two volumes to get the whole thing! That really sucks and I am not a fan of splitting books up? I did buy 1Q84 as a boxed set, but that was because it was beautiful and had to come home with me right that instant. But yeah, I want that shit. *shakes fist*

Also, um, yeah the storm's left. :))

Wednesday -> The storm left the Philippine Area of Responsibility! It was still pretty wet everywhere, but the floodwaters had receded enough that we went out on a grocery run... and then had Japanese in Nihonbashitei for lunch because I needed to not cook and clean the kitchen after all those days of being stuck in the house. Sunshine went on an Orphan Black marathon and left in the evening because she had work the next day. I got all my pillows back and was promptly bewildered as to why any human being would need so many pillows???

Thursday -> Went to DLSU to help with the relief efforts! I only lasted a few hours because my back :)) started to feel terrible. I tried to be useful, I really did! The school was closed for classes but there had to be hundreds of Lasallians being helpful and wonderful, so that was great.

Friday -> Cousin Sarah's 15th birthday! Kid's been feeling really cooped up and antsy lately so I decided to take her out for some ramen and a movie. We watched the City of Bones and I... yeah I made it through the thing in one piece. Thankfully the movie has a) a beautiful cast, and b) ...yeah. It was p. cool to hang out with Sarah as I usually see more of Leanne and Ina. Ben Affleck was also cast as Batman. I was not happy, still haven't made my peace with it. :)) Meetings in the morning as well.

Saturday -> I think I stayed home and lollygagged on the Internet.

Sunday -> Skatingstuck in MoA! P. cool except for the point where my right foot began to twang like a badly-tuned guitar and I had to get off the ice. Took off my skate and then a child promptly stepped on it with her skate on. Lord :)) It was awesome seeing Homestucks again. Like I don't spend enough time with them??? You get the picture. I was utterly silly as well, dredging up old stories from my teenage years out of some misguided attempt to seem current and down with the younger crowd or something. :)) Oh well.

Monday -> Saw my thesis advisor. I was quaking like a leaf hahahaha. Oh god. No bad news at all! Seeing her in a week to discuss more stuff. :D Hung out with some Homestucks at the Writer's Guild area while waiting for my heart rate to approach normal. :)) Had dinner in McKinley Hill that was a bit odd? But I do want to go back and check what else is there since I haven't really explored that place.

I've got a full week, in addition to thesis duties. Bunch of meetings and important adult errands to attend to. Boo. Hopefully I'll get some more reading done :) I may even forego D&D this weekend because of the work I need to do. It sucks heartily because it's come to the point that I am getting really attached to my character despite the fact that he is basically rendered unobservant and mildly deaf due to horrible dice rolls. UGH. who doesn't hear thunder. WHO? PASCAL WARUNA, my baby. I have extreme lovey-dovey feelings for my entire D&D group.

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