Hope Swann (coffeebased) wrote,
Hope Swann

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone: Chapter Three and Four

1. I'm going to do these posts every other day, two chapters apiece.
2. I'm reading from the British epubs from Pottermore, but I'm using the art from the American epubs because those are the ones I grew up with and I am attached to them. :)

photo 1

Vernon Dursley's descent into madness is as thrilling as the first time around. I feel terrible that Mrs. Figg got her leg broken and she had to suffer through it despite having connections to the magical world. No wonder Mr. Filch was terrified of being labeled a squib. ALSO, what a great chapter-ending. Much suspense.

photo 2

Oh, Hagrid. Reading this chapter brings Robbie Coltrane's voice to mind so strongly, especially the "Codswallop, in my opinion..." bit. Also, man, Hagrid's expulsion must have been terrible for him but what a great day for Albus Dumbledore: he got a loyal, half-giant wizard who could do untraceable magic as a dogsbody. There's the trade-off of Hagrid being terrible at keeping things quiet but I figure that's a built-in thing that J.K. did so that she could do the NPC exposition stuff without it being too weird. Also, how strong are the convictions of Vernon Dursley that he argued and yelled at a man the size of Hagrid EVEN IF Hagrid brought a birthday cake???
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