Hope Swann (coffeebased) wrote,
Hope Swann

bawal nakasimangot dito

It's Saturday again, and I haven't finished reading a single book. :) I updated my blog fairly late this week, last Tuesday, and although I have started on The Scar by China Mieville, I haven't really stuck with it. I'll probably finish it over the weekend, and start on Babayaga directly after. Gianina and I are starting our daily read of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets on Sunday as well.

Mum and I had a nice marathon of Elementary season one this week, and we've caught up to the latest of season two. I've also been chipping away at Veronica Mars, and doing a bit of tutoring (which I'm going to continue this weekend)

Last Wednesday, we watched Do You Hear The People Sing, which was two-night only dealio celebrating Boublil and Schönberg, the composers of Miss Saigon and the Les Miserables musical, that also served as a fundraising event for Yolanda survivors. We got to listen to wonderful renditions from actors that originated the roles, like Lea Salonga and Marie Zamora, and other amazing singers, AND we got to be in the same room as the composers!

Today (um, yesterday) was the Chinese New Year, and I spent it in MoA with some of my HSPH buddies. Jaymac, Matthew, and I hid in Starbucks for majority of the afternoon, and played at being hermits while everyone else slew each other through Uno.

I've also started a daily Animal Crossing: New Leaf blog over here. It's only got two days in so far, but I'm hoping to fill it up! I could be less enamoured with my town. :)) I've yet to really fix the blog layout, but I hope to do that soon.

P. excited for a thing the HSPH admins are launching tomorrow as well. Hee hee.

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