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night after night my heartbeat shows the fear

So, I said that I'd do weekly blogposts that weren't all about books. Here's one of them now. I think I'll alternate between books and non-books, if it's all the same to you guys. :)) Whoever you are, reading this. :)) Why are you reading this. Go read a book.
L-R, top to bottom: DnD wine goggles, a nice after-dinner stroll with mum last Good Friday, one of the cupcakes we had made for Easter lunch at my aunt's house, Yakee! sour bubblegum my cousins gave to me as tribute after the Easter Egg hunt, small bag of deliciously peppery coffee, combination day 63/64 post of finding out that Manix Abrera's releasing his second volume of silent comics later this year and a friend's gratitude, shot of HSPH's affirmation tumblr of cuteness (art by Japh), cover of One Hundred Poets, One Poem Each by Peter McMillian, and a shot of this bit of the Glass Bead Game by Hermann Hesse that was a punch to the gut.


Lo, my annual summer cold has come. The summer cold is distinguishable from my other annual bouts of rhinovirus by the fact that it is sheer misery to have it when it is so bleeding hot outside. My asthma's acting up, and I still haven't gotten a replacement inhaler, so it is doubly annoying.

I'm stuffed up and hoarse, so I get to sound like a smooth jazz muppet. Imagine a very bass "Heddo, by dose id stubbed!" (read: Hello, my nose is stuffed) and you can sort of put an aural picture together.

Other than the cold, I've been dealing with important errands and meetings that I'd had to put off due to the last leg of my thesis eating my life. They range from major adult dealings to tiny chores that I'd convinced myself could wait.

The minor things are more exciting though, as I've managed to clean the bay window in our living room of all my thesis papers and found no less than 43 Php in loose change. I think that I just emptied my pockets out over it every time I got home, but I have no memory of most of the "domestic" things I did during the last 5-6 months of my life, so it is a mystery. A lucrative mystery.

Other things that I'm doing that I'm willing to blog about include: trying to finish watching Kill La Kill, making an actual effort with Japanese via the Ogura Hyakunin Isshu, EXERCISE, and our Dungeons and Dragons campaign.

Kill La Kill is a lot more interesting than Tumblr led me to believe. It's also about 80% less problematic, as of episode 16. Although it does help that I was warned for quite a large chunk of the stuff that does make it difficult to watch in some parts. It has a gorgeous score and soundtrack that's absolutely perfect for motivating oneself to do unappetising activities, such as cardio in this heat. I've got around eight episodes to go and I really, really hope that I'm going to enjoy the rest of it.

So, Dee's started taking Japanese lessons and is very generously sharing his knowledge with me via FB chat. Mostly he says things to me in hiragana, and I squint at it and try to remember what the characters mean for a few minutes, or until my pride breaks down and I consult a chart. Because of the aforementioned pride, I've decided to brush up on my hiragana, which I'd been fairly confident in before last term happened to my brain. Sunshine got me Ogura Hyakunin Isshu cards when she was in Japan, and I'd promised myself that I'd practice and memorise everything, so that's going hand in hand with the hiragana and Japanese practice. I've also used an Amazon GC my aunt gave me last Christmas to buy One Hundred Poets, One Poem Each by Peter McMillian, a very positively-reviewed book about the Hyakunin Isshu that not only has a fresh translation of it, but also interesting notes about the writers of each poem AND the historical context, wow. I'd been staring at it for months and months, but the impetus to actually purchase it just came in.

I've also started my ancient Greek up, but in a far more casual fashion. I really would like to be a well-rounded person, but how does one be a good autodidact :c Through heavy discipline and proper scheduling, I suppose.

Speaking of heavy discipline and proper scheduling, I've decided to finally re-align my sleeping habits to those of normal, daydwelling human beings. Well, not right now. I'm sick right now, so I'm sleeping in little fits and bursts. I've still got my notes from the last time I successfully hacked my brain into believing it belong to a diurnal organism, so I'm going to follow those. Additionally, I shall be more active because I really should become more fit. :c So back to yoga (hurrah) and more walking (double hurrah).

The Dungeons and Dragons campaign is going very well, and our DM has informed all of us that we are nearing the end of the prologue (!!!) after nearly a year. Everyone's schedules are mostly in sync now, so things are proceeding at a steadier rate. I'm pretty excited because my Pascal is level 3, and is absolutely a precious, precious dearheart, so I love playing him. :'D

This is a very cheery blogpost.
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