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I'm running out of words because it's 330 in the morning, and it's been another long night in a long week. But I just really need to get this off my chest. This is going seem trite, and the words are going to be poorly chosen, but I am being as sincere as possible.

The first Homestuck PH prom we had was in this shitty little village clubhouse somewhere in Ortigas. It was half an Internet thing that we implemented, and half this urgent desire to right prom-ly wrongs in our lives. Almost everyone in the group had terrible memories of prom, and we wanted to help everyone reclaim formal events and make them good things. It took less than a month to organise, and boy did it show. It was a tiny little thing, like around 30-45 people (the majority of the HSPH group back then), and we used plastic chairs and we brought our own food (without serving spoons!) and ate off plastic plates we bought at Landmark. The potluck was a grim gathering of mismatched food sitting in congealed grease. We were terribly proud of ourselves though. I have very affectionate memories of launching a raw potato into the pollution of Metro Manila. It made little sense in context, but the entire evening was bathed in this glow of camaraderie and family and etcetera, etcetera.

Our second prom was more ambition than organisation. We wanted bigger EVERYTHING. Bigger venue, more people (80?), catered food, and idk, the works. It wasn't terrible, but it was more tiring than fun, despite everyone's best efforts. I remember spending most of the time leading up to prom season with a ridiculous stress migraine, trying my best to pass it on to everyone else. :))) We pulled it off by the skin of our teeth, but it didn't have the same positive effect on morale as the first prom had. We even got a complaint about it, which jarred the fuck out of me, the admins, and the other people in the prom committee.

Tonight, we had our third prom. Big venue, a little over than a hundred people, catered, and decorated! And I might be jinxing it, because goodness knows we might still yet receive a complaint, but I feel as though everything came together. We had enough money to do almost everything we wanted and the event flowed really well. It totally helped that we took a more martial and active role in prom organisation this year, but I really think that the credit goes to three specific people.

We've had the same prom organisers from the beginning: Ana Pat, Angela, and Raisa. I keep saying that I'm awfully proud of them, but unfortunately those words don't even really encompass how I feel about how well they did. I hope that they know how wonderfully prom turned out this year, and that they really feel how appreciative everyone is of their service to the group.

Homestuck PH has really come a long way in the past three and half years. It started out with a handful of people, and now there are 1600+ members, yearly events, an off-topic group that is ridiculously active (the Lounge), and a total of TEN admins to share the work (and participate in chat sing-a-longs).

Homestuck PH is my touchstone. I know that the Internet is known as a place of trolling and cynicism for so many people, but I would like to hope and think that HSPH still maintains a family feeling, especially for those who have opened their hearts to each other in the Lounge. It is hard to be earnest in this world, it is hard to be vulnerable, to grow up and still believe in things, but I'd rather work hard and be sincere than have it easy living a glib life. I want these kids, my friends, to believe that it is possible to grow up strong and good, to be able to trust people to have your back.

Fuck, I've run out of ways to say what I want to say. I think I'm cross-eyed with sleepiness.

Good night.
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