Hope Swann (coffeebased) wrote,
Hope Swann

[January 2017 Bujo] makita ang liwanag ng umaga

So here's that Bullet Journal blog I said I'd do! But instead of going through all the trouble of scanning everything and annotating every picture, I did an FB live video where I "vlogged" about my bujo! It was kind of exciting, but you can tell I'm pretty nervous because I'm talking a lot faster than I usually do. I think I may do more of these, as long as I don't have to show my face and worry about my appearance :Db I realised, belatedly, that it was showing vertically instead of horizontally, so I fixed that in "post", and the quality kind of fuzzes out because of the "live" process. I might do future videos and upload them directly from my phone instead of going the FB live route :)

It would also help me from posting thrice about it EVERYWHERE, I am sorry if this is the nth time you've seen this thing. Bless. I made a few mistakes in this video and misspoke about the date of Komiket (Feb 24 instead of 28), and I'll try to be better about that. I should probably take notes and make an outline before I shoot next time :) It's pretty long, so please bear with me!
Tags: bujo, vlog

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