Hope Swann (coffeebased) wrote,
Hope Swann

[Life] sneak a beer and watch TV

We're in the last few weeks of the term, and I honestly feel like crap. I doubt anyone feels good this far into the term, but it's gotten to the point that I felt that I needed to include some kind of feel-good-treat-yourself ritual into my life so I've started a skincare regimen. The concept of a skincare regimen was totally alien to my careless ass, tbh, considering that on a non-make-up day I washed my face once a day and didn't moisturise at all.

The Korean skincare regimen seemed way too daunting with TEN steps, but through the intercession on my more skincare knowledgeable friends, and some very patient Clinique counter ladies, I was able to find a more manageable alternative... with eight steps. Ridiculous, but I did kind of feel soothed and happy when I was moisturising this morning. I can't seem to reconcile with putting sunblock on my face EVERYDAY, but I have to admit it saved my ass when I was in Laguna this week. Even though I managed to sunburn the ear with my still-healing piercing and that is not delightful at all.

I spent the past three days in Laguna, sampling and generally making a nuisance of myself, scientifically. Leanne, Matthew, and Sunshine were kind enough to spend time with me during my off-time, and we had a lovely dinner with mum in Balay Dako in Tagaytay.

Other than so much working, so much sunburn, and so much crying and vinegar, I have nothing much to report. I haven't read a book this entire time, but I did get to watch Hidden Figures, which was so wonderful and lovely that it broke my heart and mended it all over again. Instead of reading anything new, I've been self-medicating with old, beloved fan fiction, like a proper adult. I probably won't be able to read anything new until March ends, just because I've got so many scientific deliverablessssss. Augh. So the only thing I'll be able to blog about next week'll be my February Bujo wrap-up. Which is, by then, going to be two weeks late. But whatever, at least I am alive and moving forward.

I feel as though I'm also trying to have an emotional crisis somewhere underneath all this business but that will have to wait for a better time. Like Holy Week.

Attending a seminar later from 1800-2100, and then emceeing for and getting to attend the Philippine Society of Parasitology tomorrow and Saturday, so I have that to look forward to this weekend. One of the scientists whose articles I've been reading a lot of is going to be there, so I'm pretty excited to hear him speak. :)
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