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Day 6: on an island in the sun/ we'll be playing having fun

Finished the first week of the Data Analyst online course that I signed up for the other day. I got a 9/10 in the online quiz and that's kind of embarrassing. If you fail a quiz thrice you have to write a letter to the Scholarship Program head, and that makes sense, without any accountability, it'll be easy to just faff about and not do anything.


Typing this bit out before mum and I head out. We're going to go do some essential errands. There've been a lot of anecdotes shared on tita GCs about unrest, but according to a 1:00 presser that was released this morning, all of these accounts are false. I'm hoping that that's the one true thing that they said in the presscon, because apparently the rest of it was just whining.


Got home, kept the things, and had brunch. We're watching this live COVID-19 briefing from Malacañang that's being shown on PTV, ANC, and DZMM. The people who're answering questions are the PNP Head, the Cabinet Secretary, and the Undersecretary of the Department of Health.

According to the PNP head, the anecdotal reports being spread around about the unrest are fake news. He says that they're going to be charging people who start and spread these using the Cyberlibel Crime Law.

Mum and I went around a bit of Makati. The border of Pasay and Manila are very close to our house, so we were able to see the intercity checkpoint set up there. It looks a bit slow, for obvious reasons, and there's a little build-up there. Makati itself is mostly empty, emptier than Holy Week, which is the point of comparison for silence in Metro Manila. The Ayala mall area has security cards spread out on every corner, especially near Landmark and Greenbelt 1 where there are open grocery stores and their matching long queues.

Most businesses were closed, as per the Enhanced Community Quarantine guidelines. We hit a drugstore, a bank, and a small delicatessen, all of which had less than 10 people inside. Each place had alcohol spray bottles at the ready and I was happy to partake of their free alcohol! Yay! But we still wore our masks to protect mum's lungs.

I was able to go through my RSS feeds on Feedly while in line at the bank. Going to share some of the links I thought people would like:

1. Bookish Ways to Keep Busy During the Quarantine

2. Gaming Gear for Dungeons and Dragons - I'm gunning for those character sheet notebooks.

3. Comix Chronicling the Time of COVID-19 - to-read while winding down to sleep

4. 12 Board Games and Tabletop RPGs You Can Play Alone While Social Distancing - I've ended up with a lot of tabs open because of the Tabletop RPG recs

5. 45 places you can download tens of thousands books, plays and other literary texts completely legally for free - mum sent this to me and it looks like it was posted in 2017 so I have no idea if everything here still works


Okay, I've barely gotten any work done today. Animal Crossing: New Horizons launched at noon, and then I used up three whole hours playing it on the TV. It's amazing. I've named my island 'Nicodranas' after Jester Lavorre's hometown. I didn't get the fruits I wanted, peaches instead of cherries, and my two assigned island friends are Hazel, a squirrel, and Scoot, a frog. Their Amiibo cards are below.

I've been trying to get mum into playing AC since New Leaf, but she really didn't show much interest other than helpfully pointing out branches in my path. We then had a late lunch, I did a few odds and ends, and then I ended up playing Animal Crossing for another hour. I've had to forcibly remove myself from the Switch. It's charging in the dock right now, and mum's watching CNN International, so I've put a few steps between it and myself. We've managed to keep the laundry we did yesterday, and other than having been outside, we have not done much.

I was so swept up in ACNH that I almost rescheduled the D&D game I have with my friends tonight. I love playing D&D! We're playing a module from Uncaged Vol. 1 tonight, on Discord. I chose to run something low-stakes: things are too rough IRL for it to be complicated in-game. I've only played one other module from Uncaged, a neat little Persephone and Hades retelling that my friends and I enjoyed a whole lot. I have yet to get the other volumes, there are four in total, but it's really only a matter of time.

Eating a soft pretzel I bought this morning with a little packet of strawberry jam now, and I'm reviewing my session notes.

See you tomorrow.
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