Hope Swann (coffeebased) wrote,
Hope Swann

Day 9: Our coronavirus coverage continues after this

I had to cancel D&D last night because I goofed up and drank my meds immediately after dinner. I was out by 2130. I was all apologies before I conked out.

This morning mum and I didn't feel like eating breakfast when we woke up. So we hung out on social, and she watched me play Animal Crossing again. It had been two hours by the time we decided that maybe we were hungry. We weren't in the mood for much, so bagels.

I'm on episode 63 of The Magnus Archives. I've been listening to little else. The cases are really building up because the main character's urgency is infectious.

Anyway, we're heading out again. Hopefully, this will be the last time for a while. Mum's hearing rumours that they'll be extending the quarantine, or that we'll have to stay in longer because it'll still be bad out there for the immunocompromised. So she wants to stock up some more.


It's evening now, and I've got some broccoli and potatoes roasting in the oven. We went to a warehouse store a while ago. Mum had been asking to go to one for ages, but the lines I'd seen on social had been too ridiculous. A new branch of it had opened nearby, in our city, so we didn't have to get through any checkpoints. And she said we'd do a drive-by; if it looked bad, we'd go home.

The lines weren't long, that's for sure. And I think we've stocked up a bit more, so that'll help with mum's ongoing anxiety. I thought that I'd be a good sport about it, after all, there wasn't anything wrong with getting a few more groceries if we weren't hoarding and there weren't a lot of people inside. Mum and I had added disposable gloves to our kit, which worked out for the best because there were way too many hands touching what we needed to touch.

I had a bad time though. I kept jerking away from people, dissociating and snapping. It was only when we'd gotten home that we figured out that I probably had been having an anxiety attack. I'm still a bit short-tempered now, and not fun to be around. I don't know if it's all the proximity of the people, or the worrying about mum catching something from them, or the worry that we wouldn't be home on time for curfew. I kept chivvying mum through the store, reminding her of our limited time frame.

We got out of the store earlier than I thought we would. There was only one person ahead of us in the check-out line.

After that, mum and I headed to the deli again, this time to pay for a gift we sent to Sunshine, my best friend, for her birthday. Sunshine picked up her gift from their sister branch near her house, in Laguna, and, based on her stories, had an excellent birthday celebration. It's weird to not be able to see her for her birthday, but hey, we Facetimed.

We brought food to the deli from the grocery, a couple of pizzas, because we knew that the staff had been working so hard and they were really so nice to us. In their delight, they forgot to charge us for Sunshine's birthday gift. We had already arrived at home when they realised it, probably when they closed their register for the day.

So mum or I will have to deal with that tomorrow. I still haven't kept most of the groceries from today. We were really wiped out. After a very late lunch of hotdogs, mum and I just kept to ourselves. The news has been on for hours, flipping between local TV and CNN. We're getting overinformed again, and I feel worse than I have these past few days.

Maybe I just didn't like breaking my routine? Maybe I was due? Maybe it's just been too hot? I actually wore sunblock today, even though it didn't get much use.

I don't know. My ears are still warm.

See you all tomorrow.

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