Hope Swann (coffeebased) wrote,
Hope Swann

Day 12-14: statement begins

See you tomorrow, my ass. It's been three days.

Three days that could have all been the same day, to be honest, save what kind of exercise I've been doing. I've been alternating on that, even though the dogs are less than delighted with the weather. Lettuce' tail has been wagging at half-speed, bless him.

It's just that I've hyperfixated on The Magnus Archive!!! The last time I posted I had just finished the second season, and now I'm 17 episodes into the fourth season. It's just so difficult to tear myself away from it. I'm so close to becoming current with this podcast.

I'm very boring. I've also reorganised my closets while listening to TMA, now that I've taken out the things I'm going to be donating, I've loosened up some space in there. I've gotten a lot of things done to TMA, and I think Jon Sims will just be the voice of the quarantine for me.

The second week of quarantine ends tomorrow, with a little over two weeks left if things go well. There was a CNN Philippines news article being shared yesterday about the quarantine being lengthened but by the time I got to click the link, I received it from FOUR people, CNN had taken it down. Probably because it hadn't gotten clearance from the Palace, and literally every person who had sent it to me was like "oh no I guess they're in trouble :P". Yes, I am related to those people.

My quarantine card arrived the other day. We can't buy things without a quarantine card now, and if you pass a checkpoint without it I hear you get in trouble. People were getting hit with yantok for going around without one, and being rounded up and put into dog cages. I don't think that our barangay would do that because we're in Makati, and Makati is you know, highly visible and regulated. I had assumed that the barangay official bringing them would have a scooter or a bicycle or, something, but she came around on foot at basically noon. She only had a baseball cap to protect her from the sun? I ran into the house and basically forced an umbrella on her because HONESTLY. Mum and I have agreed that we're going to smother the barangay hall in appreciation when quarantine is over.

We're lucky that our mayor's taken such a strong stand. She seems really well-informed, and it does help that our city's pretty financially-capable, so she's just taking care of everyone. I've heard lots of good things about Pasig's mayor and his compassion and problem-solving, but oof, Makati's mayor? She is a G, as my girlfriend would say. There's some intense history regarding Makati and the dynasty that runs it, but I'm not getting into that now. Let's just say her family's been known to be corrupt, but let's all just be thankful her brother isn't in charge because lol, he literally got impeached from his position.

Mum has been watching CNN more, increasingly horrified at what's been happening in the USA. I don't, quite know what to say about it, but I try to not look at the TV when she's listening to American news.

I think I'll have more to write about when I'm done with TMA. I've got the continuation of my dnd game with my friends tomorrow evening so I'll probably be able to talk about that. I don't have any feelings I want to discuss right now. Maybe in the future.

I'll write when I can, I suppose.

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